Apni Online Dukan

Create Your E-Commerce Store With Apni Online Dukaan Start Selling On Your Online Store And Grow Your Business.



Easy Promotion

Becomes easy to market your product catalogues to your families and friends with the convenience of this app.


Selling Multi channels

Selling made easier with Social media platforms like- Facebook , Instagram and Google To gain a wider reach


Easy Billing

Send bills to your customers on Whatsapp and SMS. With easy billing feature which best suits your business.


Customer chat support

Your business is open for 24/7 when selling online with flexible chat support feature integrated in it.


Manage Orders

An easy & convenient way to operate or manage an online business from home as no infrastructure needed.


Accept Online Payments

Supports various payment portals for transactions that are popular among the customers like- PayPal, Stripe, razor pay, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Apni Online Dukaan is a complete E-Commerce system to start your online business. It has a strong admin panel for managing products, categories, coupons, orders, pages, and many more.
How Apni Online Dukaan can help you?
This app will help you with-
• Digitizing Your Business
• Sell All Your Products Online
• Promote Online Shopping
• Endless Listing Options
• Promote & Sell via Whatsapp

Apni Online Dukaan is immense importance for:
1. You can easily customize and set up your shop online just the way you want it.
2. Create visually attractive and colour-coded catalogues to showcase your products.
3. Option to Add/Edit or Delete Product.
4. Add your choice and number of images, description, and price adjustments.
5. Best way to promote and market local businesses online.
6. Gain a wider reach and make your target audience range

For every Indian small and big town merchant who wants to open their shop online, Apni Online Dukaan is here to fulfil your dream.
The best part about this is
Remain Open All the Time – Available 24/7 as E-commerce websites can run all the time.
Saves time – In an age where time is a rare commodity, shopping online provides massive time savings to the consumer.
Product filtering and sorting – Product filtering allows customers to filter products based on different attributes. For example, a clothing store may use gender, size, colour etc. as its filtering options.
Reports and Account Statements – Customers can access all their reports and statements on any device, anytime
Various language support– Multiple local languages to communicate with your customer
Wishlist- Sometimes a customer may find a product interesting and want to check that later for more details. And so a wishlist allow customer to store a list of these products so that they can easily find them next time they visit your site.

Apni Online Dukaan is the perfect to promote your business and have an online store of your own.
This online business is best suited for-Grocery stores, Kirana stores, beauty, clothing, electronics, antiques, hardware stores, and more.

Here are 4 simple steps to start using Dukaan to grow your business:

1. Enter Business Name, Address and start adding your products/catalogs.
2. As soon as you fill up those details, your Digital Dukaan will be created instantly and you will be able to obtain your Store Link from your Dukaan dashboard.
3. Share product/catalog/store links with anyone on WhatsApp.
4. Get notification as soon as you get any new order along with the customer’s name, address and verified mob number.
5. Deliver the order to your customer’s location and mark the order as “Delivered”.

Product Listing is easy as it takes few minutes to do so:
• Go to the product section and then to the catalog
• And start adding products from there.

Apni Online Dukaan supports various payment portals for transactions that are popular among the customers like- PayPal, Paytm, Stripe, Razor pay, etc.

For this you can contact our team expert on if you have any questions about Apni Online Dukaan, feel free to call us at 9479672015 and we would be happy to help you out.

Products can be sell via Social Media platforms like You can use UWO Social Media Marketing service for any type of promotion
With Apni Online Dukaan you can share your store or product catalog by using UWO Social Media Marketing service for any type of promotion for your customers.

There is no limit of adding products; you can add unlimited products and services.

Yes, via admin dashboard you have lots of option available over there to change the interface.

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